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My consultant, Archer Butler, is phenomenal. I actually felt like he was really knowledgeable and led me in the right direction about my yard. I have no doubt that my yard will look great in the spring. Thanks for hiring great resources like Archer.

Specialist Archer Butler (75409) came to our home to apply lime to the ground to improve the soil. He explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what to expect in the coming months. He was professional and informative and I couldn't appreciate the time he spent to explain how you intend to treat our lawn. Thank you for your attention!

Archie did an amazing job yesterday! We love when he services our yard!

This is my first time to use the True green service, so far the specialist employee, Archer Butler explains to me what is best for our lawn/ turf. so thank you for taking the time to explain to me. let see in the coming months what would be the lawn looks like. break a leg!

I always enjoy Richards visits when he comes to treat my landscaping. He is friendly and communicates well about my greenery. Keep up the good work.

Our Specialist Arthur Butler is the best! This man knows his business and the proof is my yard. He has made our yard the best in the neighborhood.

It's good to see familiar faces when the TruGreen truck pulls up. Richard always does a good job and always takes the time to let me know what he's doing and what's going on. He's a keeper for sure!!! Thanks to Richard. Dennis White

The key to a successful service that your company provides is those folks out in the field that have face to face contact with the customers. When a rapport can be established with the customer it creates a feeling of trust and comfort for the customer. I would like to recognize Charles Hinshaw who is my personal lawn professional. He is simply outstanding at what he does. He is very polite and is willing to go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. He takes pride in his job and pays extreme attention to detail. Employees like this are hard to come by. I felt compelled to let his supervisors know that he is making an impact out in the field! So please make sure to give him an increase in his pay when it comes time for his review and whom ever hired and trained this young man should also get a pay increase. Charles truly understands what it means to provide "consistent outstanding customer Service". Please do NOT take Charles off of my route. I take pride in my yard and want it to be the BEST ON THE STREET. All of the guys on the street strive for the best yard and Charles is going to help me smoke the others on the street. I run out to the street after Charles puts up the "freshly treated by Tru Green sign" and get rid of that joker so the others don't know my secrets :) So, how much would i get if I referred someone?? Also, it's ok to publicly share my name to promote TruGreen as long as you kick in a couple of free services for a good customer like me that appreciates your company and is not afraid to write you and tell you about it!

Archer Butler, the tech that competed my most recent lawn service, was excellent. His service was quick, professional, and friendly while he took care of my lawn in it's entirety. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a thicker, greener lawn not just for his level of service but his positive and caring attitude towards his customers as well.

All of your lawn care specialist that worked on my yard have been very professional & engaged in helping me have the best lawn possible. They’ve been willing to answer questions as well as make recommendations when I asked for their opinion.

I went to a cheaper service(Davey Tree) and now I have weeds and weak spots on a newly sodded front yard. I am hoping you can bring my lawn back to health weed free deep dark green color

Thank Goodness Archer Butler was back doing my lawn service today. I was afraid he had left your employ (would been your and my loss). He is certainly the absolute best employee who has service my lawn. Archer is conscientious for both the TruGreen and me when he services my lawn. I know he does a good job and I trust him and his efforts and recommendations. George Lashley

The results were more than I expected even with the lack of rain in our area. After the first rain in a very long time my grass came back green and still growing . I had to cut it twice before the aeration and seeding. Great job!

Branch 5530 Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Robert H. He listened to our concerns and took the time to speak with us about our lawn before he seeded. Robert was very thorough and appeared to take care of our lawn like it was his own.

Been a customer for a number of years!

Great Service!!

I like Robert! It is our first time to do aerating and seeding with you and been with you for 25 years. He called and told me his equipment broke and dropped off to get fixed. Possibly might have to reschedule for Monday. I told him rain coming and really would like it today. This was at 2:30 PM. He was here a little after 3 PM. He went back and got a working piece of equipment and took his time and did a great job. He is a pro and I appreciate it! He is a keeper. :) Thanks. Take care, Charlie and Stella

Michael Yard was knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining what he is going to do in this service. He also patiently answered all questions I had. Thanks Mike!

Great service

Today Archer Butler came to reapply my lawn seeds in areas that were still a little bare. He was courteous, pleasant and professional. But what I loved most about him was his genuine concern and knowledge about lawn questions. He was able to determine what went wrong with my lawn from previous lawn care and gave me a real plan and options on how to take care of the problems. He was not in a huge hurry like most people these days but spent time with me offering corrections and solutions. I would highly recommend Archer. I would have rated him higher than a 10 if there was that option! Thank you Archer!!!!