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19800 Hawthorne Blvd. #420
Torrance, CA 90503
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torrance, ca
I enjoy the variety of options available for individual workouts as well as classes. UFC is a great gym.

Gardena, CA
Friendly staff and great equipment at the gym!

Torrance, ca
I love all DUT classes and all of the coaches are very helpful, friendly, and ensure that we are getting a good workout! Coach Jesse is the best personal trainer and Coach.

I love the variety of classes and the vast knowledge available in trainers. My workout experience can be exactly tailored to my needs and goals.

Long Beach, CA
I like the gym simply as it is. Lots of cardio equipment, weight lifting equipment and punching/kicking bags for training. I do go here in Torrance UFC gym once or twice a week only to maintain and loose little dangling weight on my belly . . . and I enjoy being here doing my own workouts especially in the evening after office hours. Hope I can attend more than once or twice a week, however, my job consumes a lot of my time related to design engineering (i.e., MEP building design and construction) due to overwhelming demand of housing and other commercial projects in the construction industry.

Hawthorne, CA
The environment is very motivating. Usually can find a machine to work out on.

Torrance, CA
Gym has a lot of equipment, almost always clean and friendly staff...

torrance, CA
Close to my home

Los Angeles, CA
It's the best environment to go to when you're stressed out. Just work out and boom! Instant relief. They play great music to keep you pumped throughout your workout and I LOVE that you get to watch pay-per-view while your kids have fun at the UFC Kids club. The kids club is definitely a big helper on my fitness journey. There are days where I feel sluggish and lazy, but when my kids beg me to take them to the kids club because they have so much fun, then I get up and get dressed and head to the gym with them. It's a win win!! Kids having fun and I'm working on my fitness. Yay! The cherry on top is for sure the classes. They have plenty of classes to choose from which is awesome! So, whenever you're at the UFC Gym and need a quick yet arduous workout, I recommend the D.U.T. Totally kicks your butt.

Torrance, CA

Los Angeles, CA
With the new remodel, the gym is fantastic!

Torrance, CA
Available equipment. Friendly/Helpful staff. Flexibility with 24/7 operation. Light weights for an old guy like me. HaHa Great place to get a good workout Have a great day

Culver City, CA
It has so many great classes to choose from.

Los Angeles, CA
Really enjoy the community within the gym. Coaches are fantastic and classes they lead has great attendance with individuals who support each other.

Torrance, CA
Variety of equipment to use!

Hawthorne, CA
Everyone seems motivated to workout

x, xx
Everyone is super nice and knowledgeable

Energetic, motivating class Great coach Great energy

Wildomar, CA
Pretty much everything.

Torrance, CA
Although I have relocated and no longer have a membership with this gym, I love the atmosphere and camaraderie. The coaches are amazing and super supportive. The staff has been nothing but kind to me.