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340 Dorset Street
South Burlingston, VT 05403
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Shelburne, VT
I came to VASTA after a serious injury- a broken femur. The surgical repair of my required a very large incision on my lateral thigh which left me with a huge deficit. My VASTA physical therapist developed a plan to help me work to overcome one step at a time. The precise scientific approach identified what was working and which muscle groups needed more focus to enable me to walkk normally again. I am 59 and had pretty lofty goals- to be able to return to athletic work as a ski patroller. I also started working with a VASTA personal trainer in coordination with my physical therapist once I had my basic movement back to an acceptable baseline. This guided approach to stepping up my work help me progress rapidly without hurting myself. I have a history of overdoing PT and setting my recovery back. VASTA enabled me to progress rapidly without setbacks. The expertise of my incredible physical therapist and trainers have enabled me to return to skiing 10 months after my injury. VASTA is the best PT experience I have ever had!

Shelburne, VT
I like the fact that there is a professional focus on strength and movement fundamentals. I like the perceived outcome of a body working in unison instead of a body that compensates. Also, I like the trained and professional staff.

Saint Albans, VT
Friendly and fun

lincoln, VT
My husband and I recommended VASTA to a friend (Dave Silberman) and he now visits 2 x per week.

shelburne, VT
skilled and flexible

South Burlington, VT
Phenomenal place to stay healthy for life!!!

Williston, VT
Skilled and motivating staff. Very nice facilities. Well equipped and not too big.

Williston, VT
Professional trainers. Very knowledgeable and personable.

South Burlington, VT
Personal Training - Somer MacKillop is a top-notch trainer. I am a beginner and not someone who grew up going to the gym and being athletic, so I need a lot of guidance. Somer has done a spectacular job working with me on fitness and nutrition. The pacing and level of difficulty of the workouts are challenging but realistic and push me further towards my goals. He chooses exactly the right combo of exercises and nutritional programming that enables me to be losing weight in a healthy, slow and gradual process that feels very natural. It feels less like a "diet" rather than a "lifestyle adaptation". I think Somer communicates high expectations but in a really relaxed way, you know that you are working hard but at the same time it seems to go by quickly and naturally. I think that is a very rare balance in leadership and is it a real talent that he can do this. I know that I am working hard when he is training me but I also don't feel stressed out by the workout. Yet I always walk out feeling like I had accomplished something. Since mid July I have lost 8 pounds and I owe that to Somer, thanks to him I got back on track to much healthier eating habits and am now on a really good path to one of my long term goals: to lose 50 pounds within the year! Somer will surely be missed but he deserves his big opportunity Florida! Thank you Somer, and thank you Vasta!

Waterbury Center, VT
I like that it is personalized for each individual

South Burlington, VT
Friendly, listen to goals and form a plan, convenient. Overall, we have just started and happy with the decision/investment.

shelborne, VT
Love the facility, great trainers and most importantly passionate and knowledgeable.

south Burlington, VT
The trainers are super trained and skilled. Life changing..

Burlington, VT
The staff is very knowledgeable and professional!

Murrells inlet, SC
Your team at the facility is terrific, recommend for all

Shelburne, VT
I am impressed with my trainer's knowledge and the alignment with my Physical Therapist's plan.

jericho, VT
Great staff, very knowledgeable

Jeff Albertson

Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, professional

South Burlington, VT
Personalized with an excellent basis in how the body works and what it takes to make it better.