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13009 S.W. Herman Road
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 691-1111
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Tualatin, OR
Except for the fact my project started early in June and just today, six and a half months later it was finally completed, everything finished beautifully. I would have one very BIG suggestion however. PLEASE ask your installers NOT to wear cologne or aftershave. A couple of the guys who have worked in my house were overly generous with the use of the fragrances to the extent my eyes watered and I had to open windows to air the house out. With so many people suffering from allergies to fragrances I am surprised this isn't standard operating procedure. Even the management at the opera and some of the other theaters ask patrons not to wear fragrances. I look forward to hearing back from David regarding reimbursement tome of the tile trim piece which Alicia had taken to the warehouse to store until such time as we needed it. Now no one can find the box of tile trim which I paid for at Home Depot on my Visa card to the tune of $74.80, I have sent David a copy of the billing statement showing the charge.

Very good work, and staff members reliable and friendly. My concerns/questions were always addressed promptly.

prompt, friendly, professional

Your guys are very thorough and attentive

So far, so good. Alicia is amazing! We appreciate her hard work, and the work of those she sent our way.

Portland, OR
Very professional crew and very timely response to my water leak/mold emergency. The crew explained what they were doing and why and the quality of their work was exceptional. Cleanup after the fact was also great. It sucks to have the water leak but you guys helped ease the pain.

Hillsboro, OR
Brian Ritter, the General Manager was very GREAT! He was responsive and we felt he was very committed to making sure our needs were met. The team was also great, respectful of our home and ensuring it got back to its normal state. Thank you.

Wish we could have worked with you from the beginning of our issues.

The guys on the jobs knew what they were doing, clearly very experienced. Happy with the work performed.

West Linn, OR
Great work, exceptional people! Very respectful and responsible. So much kindness to us. (Customers)

The personnel...always punctual and kept me informed. Easy to work with and seemed to do conscientious and good work. James was very responsive to my questions and requests.

Wilsonville, OR

Jac Cano was very professional and knowledgeable. The crews were professional.

Great on time service and excellent workmanship.

The service was wonderful. I developed a relationship with the leader who was the point of contact. He kept the communication going, and never put me in the dark. The crew worked hard, and did a very clean job. Outstanding customer service!

Vancouver, WA
Thorough friendly service. Excellent work - we are so happy with the craftsmanship. Everyone has been very respectful and professional.

Portland, OR
they were nice, they finished the job, kept us updated

Hillsboro, OR
Very responsive to when we call for emergencies.