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September 30, 2017
Mathnasium has been one of the best decisions for our family! My only regret is not having started sooner. I have a 6th grader and a 3rd grader attending 3 sessions a week and have been doing so for the last 5 weeks. The biggest change so far has been their overall attitude/confidence toward math. They dreaded math homework, now they are disappointed when it's not their day to attend. All of their instructors have been great! Friendly and extremely competent in what they do. I'm so grateful to all of them and Judy for running a great program. I'm excited to see continued growth and improvement!
September 29, 2017
My son Sunay has been going to Mathnasium, Walnut for close to 1 year now. He indeed transferred from another center to this one as this is closer to our home. But soon after he joined this center I realized his enthusiasm has gone up significantly and have not seen any hesitation in his eyes in the name of Mathnasium. Every organization has its own identity and distinguish itself from the rest, with the dedication of its management and staff. In this case most of the credit probably goes to Judy who seem to have been dedicated herself to this cause. We are thoroughly impressed not only with the course curriculum and methodology but also the overall atmosphere of this is very warm and pleasant for the little minds to be in love with this facility, I guess an atmosphere like that nurtures the learning by itself. Thank you and please keep up the tempo. Satya [LAST NAME REMOVED] West Covina, CA 91791
September 19, 2017
My student has been attending Mathinsum for almost 4 months. She is eager to go and enjoys tutoring. The tutors are friendly, very accessible and encouraging to the students. Although my student continues to work on improving her number sense I've seen a confidence and willingness to approach math. I appreciate the staff very much. I'm only rating Walnut Mathinsum with a 9 for now because my student has not attended long enough to see how it benefits her overall.
September 9, 2017
I enrolled my daughter to the Walnut location this summer. The teacher here are very patient and knowledgeable. After the whole summer training, my daughter's math skills had dramatically improved and she passed the placement test and moved on to the advance math class in middle school. Thanks Mathnasium and we highly recommend this location for your kids math success.
August 31, 2017
feel good,go on
August 8, 2017
Mathnisium has a great program that is fun and encouraging kids to learn math. My son enjoys going there and he is excited about picking the reward prize after completing a topic and collected enough stars. The helpful yet friendly staff such as Judy, Raven and Devin are always very prompt to help the students and also answer parents questions! I will definately sign him up for next year!
July 28, 2017
Our son has been attending Mathnasium for a bout a month now. He has had difficulty with math for some time and after researching different options, we decided that Mathnasium would be the best fit for him. He gets 1:1 attention when needed and the instructors are patient, encouraging, and helpful. Our son has said that he likes all of the instructors there. We are happy with our choice and would recommend them to friends.
June 25, 2017
Teachers are very committed. My daughter is always happy to be there. She has improved a lot in her math skills.
June 22, 2017
My son truly enjoys coming to Mathnasium! He gets very excited and is engaged with the curriculum. I highly recommend any family to enroll here. A++++++++++!
June 9, 2017
My daughter love to go there to learn because of the way they teaches. They make it fun for the kids. Kids in return looking forward to go there everyday.
May 6, 2017
Christine Chen Hsu
My Child has started Mathnasium for the past two months, and I do see a significant improvement in his grade. The teachers and Judy are very supportive and helpful. It's a very friendly environment and I appreciate their service very much !
May 2, 2017
Regina Chadwick
Melissa enjoys going to Mathnasium working with staff and becoming more confident in her math skills. Her attitude about math has completely changed! She has become more motivated and enthusiastic about getting her homework done. Thank you so much for everything.
March 30, 2017
Jennifer Guzman
Worth every penny! My little one has improved so much and she has her confidence back! Thank you so much!
March 28, 2017
Mathnasium of Walnut is an amazing place that teaches you how to do math correctly. The staff are very kid-frirndly and knowledgeable. On top of that, the owner of the establishment, Judy Tom, is a great example of how an intelligent owner should behave. She is very nice and always working to improve childrens' skills in math. I have learned way more than I would usually have if I had not been enrolled in Mathnasium's program. They have helped me with tests, quizzes and homework as well.
March 25, 2017
Excellent learning center for Math.
March 24, 2017
good one on one tutoring
March 5, 2017
Sam Governale
Our granddaughters enjoyed pretty much Everything. The teachers were great
December 30, 2016
After my daughter signed up, her math improved greatly. I also noticed that the staff has been incredibly kind and helpful towards the kids. They patiently explain any problem the kids have trouble on and work them through it step by step. Overall, I am satisfied with the results and the service I have received.
December 21, 2016
Cynthia Kung
My 11 year-old son loves to go to mathnasium to learn math. I have never seen him so motivated and inspired to try to earn an "A" in each of his Math test. The instructors there are all very knowledgeable and skilled in Math, and they are also very friendly and my son is able to bond with each of the instructors there. I also love how Mrs. Judy, the director there, takes the time to get to know each student at the center and gives you feedback on your child's progress. I also love how they can customize a learning plan and strategy that will target on my son's weaknesses in math based on his earlier math assessment at the center and they are committed to help him gain mastery in Math overall. And even when he struggles with certain math homework, they'll take the time to work with him to understand the Math concepts and help him learn how to decode a complicated math word problem. Learning math becomes fun and no longer intimidating for my son and I can see his confidence developed here in the area of Math. I definitely will give this center here 5 stars.