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Everyone at the store was very helpful, friendly, and informed. Great service, great quality bikes, great quality work.

Great quality products and service. I appreciate that I am always asked if I need help because often I DO need help!! :) I super love the free labor on bikes we buy there. We have bought all of our bikes there and everyone does such a great job fixing and helping me understand what is needed and why. Ya'll are fabulous! THANKS!! :)

The service staff was very helpful in finding a bike and in getting it fit for me. I've taken my bike out a couple times now and it seems great!

Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient staff. They took time to understand my biking needs and fit me with the bike that would fit my criteria.

Friendly staff, bike warranty (tune up)

We came in completely clueless, but knew we wanted a bike. We were guided by a nice woman when we came in to pick the bikes and the help we received, along with the patience and friendliness attitude, from her was the best part of our experience. She was very informational, and not only explained the bike that would best fit us, she took the time to tell us why- and with a smile. Her and her team assembled my bike and had it ready for us to come in the next day. She also helped us when we came in the second time, along with another taller gentleman. He was just as helpful, and his customer service was excellent. We enjoy our bikes of course, but it’s hard not to recognize the customer service when it was patient, welcoming, and friendly. We are more than happy with our purchase, and extremely happy with our experience. We would recommend Walt’s to anyone.

Walt's has been exceptional in letting me maintain social distancing by bringing items to me in the car. I am hi-risk for virus, so really appreciate their efforts.

You are very honest and pleasant.

We always enjoy our experiences at Walt’s. We love the fact that the staff let you shop around pressure free, but are also very swift to help when asked. Thanks Walt’s! Second bike purchased with you guys.

Thank you for requiring masks for all employees and customers.

Excellent, friendly service.

Fast turnaround and quality products with fair pricing.

The entire staff at Walt’s is knowledgeable and accommodating without fail every time I’m in the store. I have been doing business w/ Walt’s for 20-years and have purchased two previous bikes there, in addition to the bike purchase that brought me in last week. I totally love that Mark remembered my previous bikes and applied features from those bikes to the performance differences and similarities I could expect w/ the new bike. Mark did a little research to make sure my existing bike rack would accommodate the weight of my new eBike prior to completing the transaction. (It did.) Lifetime free labor is a huge perk w/ all new bike purchases. I have taken advantage of this in this in the past, and find it even more important going forward with an eBike. There have been several occasions over the years where I have needed a custom modification for a variety of reasons along the way (one being to haul my grandkids on a borrowed “pup ride”). The creative mechanics at Walt’s are always there to help me through the fix. I just can’t say enough about what Mark, Sarah, and their staff have meant to me over the years, and I expect that to continue throughout my lifetime. It was a good day for me when a friend introduced me to Walt’s!

You guys are the best

Friendly knowledgeable staff

Customer service is top notch

So helpful!

Great quality, great service, knowledgeable employees, positive attitude

I knew what I wanted already and desired to get on the bike quickly. They were very helpful and efficient in listening to my desires, and offering help as needed along the way. I was set up and ready to ride within 30 minutes.

The service has always been friendly and quick.