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286 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
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San Francisco, CA
I LOVE Vaza - best yoga teacher I've ever had and I've been practicing for 18 years.

Yoga garden is an excellent studio, and lucky for me it is located just around the block from my home. I also appreciate the streaming classes given the situation from COVID-19, which enables me to maintain a level of sanity while being confined to home.

Excellent yoga class!

I like your teachers

San Francisco, CA
I am loving these virtual classes. The teachers have been great. Professional, clear, and aligning their classes to reflect what's going on right now, both emotionally and physically. Thank you!

San Francisco, CA
Roy was fantastic! He did a great job of demonstrating positions over video by rotating. It was a challenging class with a beautiful philosophy

San Francisco, CA
- Amazing, dedicated teachers - Diversity of classes at all times of day - The nicest, most helpful office/team - Love the studio and location - Keep doing everything you're doing!

San Francisco, CA

Oakland, CA
I joined to do Christie Pitko's online class. Great set up, clear video, easy to hear. Love Christie and wanted to support small businesses!

Brooklyn, NY
Great class with Roy Gan

Martine, Roy, Erin H Hall, Karen, Vaza, Angelique, Heather Soto, Daniel, Alexandra, Meredith, Rachael, Michelle, Sara, Stacey, Adam, and all the other nice teachers and nice yogis who come to class.

Atlanta, GA
Your teachers especially Roy!

San Francisco, CA
Martine and Roy are incredible

It was so refreshing to share a class with others in real time, that it was one or Adam’s Yoga Garden classes was just icing on the cake.

Livestream was great!

Had a great session with [FIRST NAME REMOVED] today. Excited to support the yoga garden

I love the community, even from afar <3

San Francisco, CA
The teachers are incredible, the membership price is really affordable (one of the few luxuries I can afford post-IT folks influx), reception team is absolutely lovely, there are plenty of classes for intermediate members and the studio is beautiful. I really appreciate the late policy - it helps the first five minutes of class be truly peaceful. My only bad experience I’ve had is with Heather at reception. She was kind of unreasonable when I accidentally registered for a class that was about to start in five minutes. I immediately cancelled when I realized my mistake (working from a handheld device). When I explained that I had meant to register for the following week’s class, she insisted that it was policy to charge the late fee no matter what. That was sort of frustrating, but that’s the only negative experience I’ve had at YG.

San Francisco, CA
appreciated the qiuck response to covid 19. studio is lovely