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377 1st Street
Los Altos, CA 94022
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Los Altos, CA
Teacher Elizabeth is very good and experienced. I liked her class and the music.

Marina is a great teacher. She's very warm , welcoming, and atuned to her studwnts needs. The chanting was great. I am glad you offer it.

Los Altos, CA
Friendly Staff and very nice studio. Thank you

Workout was fun, I'll be returning.

Clean and simple space to practice in. Teachers are great!

Los Altso Hills, CA
Teachers, other clients, and venue- Theresa on Fridays, is one of the best but they all r great!

Los Altos, CA
I like the personal, friendly approach from the owner Olivia. Extra services provided for the comfort of clients, but also the little things like healing tea or fresh blueberries; all giving with smile and warm welcome. My first class was a great experience with the owner, with yoga teacher and people joining the Yoga of Los Altos team.

Welcoming setting and love the yoga teachers. Each have their own unique way of teaching each class.

Los Altso Hills, CA
Love Theresa

I loved it! Great pace, clear instructions and discreet support. Thanks!

Love my yoga teacher Birgit

Los Altso Hills, CA
Excellent instructors, clients and venue. I especially enjoy Teresa’s 5:30 flow class

Los Altos Hills, CA
Very good yoga teacher. Nice and clear yoga room. Excellent app to book sessions. Easy access and parking

Great class ! Teacher and studio are great!

Portola Valley, CA
I LOVE Dina! I LOVE that there are NO mirrors!! Everyone is lovely, slower paced, does not feel competitive like some other studios.

Mountain view, CA
Dina is such a fantastic teacher! Lately she seems to be experimenting more with sequences -- all to the good! I continually recommend YOLA to friends, especially those who would be new to yoga. Such a wonderful environment for yoga practice.

Los Altos, CA
Loved LImor's class yesterday. More Limor, please!

Los Altso Hills, CA
Excellent classes, instructors, venue and people!

Los Altso Hills, CA
Instructors and other clients are awesome

Los Altso Hills, CA
Excellent instructors and venue- Some classes can get a little crowded